ReproCELL was founded in 2003 to develop the world-leading technologies of Professor Nakatsuji at Kyoto University and Professor Nakauchi at Tokyo University. ReproCELL is the first company licensed to generate iPS cells by reprogramming from iPS Academia Japan, which was established to advance healthcare through the transfer of the iPS technologies generated by Kyoto University. One of the most famous studies made possible by this product was generation of the first human iPS cells by Professor Yamanaka at Kyoto University in 2007. The team used Primate ES Cell Medium to establish the very first iPS cell line. Their products include –

  • Feeder depenedent media for stem cells
  • Feeder independent media for stem cells
  • Weekend labour free media for stem cells
  • Reagents for stem cell culture
  • iPSC dereived cardiomyocytes + hepatocytes + neurons
  • Diabetes research tools
  • Assay services
  • Custom tissue and blood