Biolamina is in the forefront of cell culturing and offers premium high technology products combined with outstanding scientific support. BioLamina was founded in 2008 to supply the world with laminins. BioLamina produces cell type specific human recombinant laminins as substrates for biorelevant cell cultivation. All their matrices are chemically defined and xeno-free and allow you to imitate the natural cell niche in a culture dish. The range of defined human recombinant laminin matrices offered by BioLamina helps you to culture both stem cells and tissue-specific cells, allowing you to control and further develop your cell research. Their products include –

  • Human recombinant laminin-521: Superior cultivation of hES and iPS-cells where cells grow as monolayers at high proliferation rate and without spontaneous differentiation and no need for ROCKi as the specific laminin521-integrin binding on hPSCs is the important mechanism for cell survival and pluripotency.
  • Human recombinant laminin-511: Laminin-511 allows the proliferation of mouse ES cells with sustained pluripotency without the need to use feeder cells or differentiation inhibitors like LIF for months.
  • Other human recombinant laminins
  • LAMscreen allows you to test which laminin isoforms are optimal as cell culture substrates in differentiating your cells towards the desired cell phenotypes and maintaining function of differentiated cells in vitro.
  • CLONEstem is a laminin-521 based kit for easy and efficient clone generation from single human ES cells in a completely defined and xeno-free cell culture environment.
  • Freezestem – FREEZEstem™ is a defined, DMSO-, serum- and XENO-free cryopreservation medium for human pluripotent stem cells.
  • 521-TO-GO – 521-TO-GO are precoated LN-521 plates that facilitates stem cell culturing even more.