Can I order directly from ATCC?

No. Bio-REV is appointed as the exclusive distributor of ATCC bio-products for Singapore. Prior to this, customers often experienced difficulties in organizing the purchase, import and delivery of goods. Time differences between Singapore and the US meant communications became difficult and often caused delays to orders and requests. Now, you will find it easier dealing with Bio-REV rather than directly with the ATCC.

What are the advantages of ordering through Bio-REV?

We offer a faster, more convenient service, where customers can order locally and pay in SIngapore dollars. Bio-REV offers the convenience of a single invoice and one contact to handle your order from door to door. We are given priority from the ATCC in processing our orders and technical enquiries, reducing waiting time on orders from what may have previously been up to 10 weeks; to 4-5 weeks for standard, stocked items.

Together, Bio-REV and ATCC now offer:
* Free replacement of faulty product (subject to ATCC technical review and assessment);
* Coverage of costs and necessary documentation for any United States Fish and Wildlife (USFW) permits that may be required;
* Tracking of deliveries from door-to-door and;
* Up to date correspondence on the status of orders.

How do I place my ATCC order with Bio-REV?

If this is your first time placing an ATCC order with us, you will need to establish an ATCC account with us even you have an existing business account with us. For more information on how to establish an ATCC account with us, please refer to the Ordering Information section. Once your account has been established, you will be able to place an ATCC order with us.

Our weekly order to ATCC is on every TUESDAY 12 PM NOON TIME, unless otherwise advised, due to holidays or office shut down. Should you decide to raise order with us, you will need to submit an official PO or an email confirmation to us before 12PM Noon. Please do indicate the following:

1.    FULL Name of Principal Investigator/Supervisor

2.    FULL Name of the lab tech who is “culturing” the bacteria/cell-line, his/her email address, Tel & Fax numbers

What does the Shipping and Local Clearance fees cover?

Packing the material, including dry ice, IATA compliant shippers, preparation of items for shipping, documentation and specialist door-to-door courier delivery. All import permits, licenses are also obtained and freight forwarders are booked and paid. This time intensive process attracted a number of different fees typically payable to several organizations before Bio-REV took over distribution. In short, the shipping and local clearance fees cover all costs in importing and delivering a single delivery to your door.

I am worried about the delivery of my order for frozen items. How will the goods be looked after during transport?

ATCC and Bio-REV will not compromise on the quality of the goods. Couriers specializing in the shipping of time-critical, temperature-sensitive material are contracted to distribute samples throughout Singapore. Bio-REV has a long standing agreement with our local appointed freight forwarder who have a thorough understanding of the nature of the goods. We have documented such risk factors as depletion rates of dry ice to ensure that your goods will always arrive in excellent condition. IATA approved packaging is used exclusively and UN standards of shipping are strictly followed.

I have difficulties searching ATCC website for the item I am looking for. How do I find a particular item on the website?

If you know the ATCC catalog number, you may conduct a general search on the top-right corner of the homepage, under Product Search then hit the Search button. For a particular or specific organism, a field search is more accurate. To conduct a field search, please refer to the following help lists for instructions:

ATCC Field Searches

ATCC Field Search Categories

How to conduct a more efficient search, kindly refer to HERE for more information. Contact us if you still face difficulties in searching. Our friendly technical support staff will be more than happy to assist you.

What are the prices on the ATCC website?

The prices on the ATCC web site are not indicative of Bio-REV prices. These prices refer only to the cost of the goods in the US, and do not include any other fees incurred, such as the ATCC Administration and Packing fee to prepare the goods. ATCC are fully aware of the Bio-REV pricing system and have indicated their support to us.

Every request for a quotation of ATCC products is carefully considered so that we can give every customer the best possible price. The cost of the goods, their physical form (frozen or non-frozen), packaging required, and the United Nations biosafety classification of the items requested are all taken into account for the calculation of every quotation. Shipping charges do not increase for larger orders.

If you have any further questions regarding the Bio-REV’s pricing policy please contact us.